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Still Bullish on the US Dollar

  • As global economic risks rise, the US Dollar is positioned to benefit as the global safe-haven.
  • The US Dollar also has a rate advantage as the US central bank has and will likely continue to be the leader amongst global central banks during this tightening cycle.
  • There’s no evidence yet that the USD bullish trend is yet at its end.

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At this point the bullish trend in the US Dollar is sixteen months old. DXY was finding support around the 90 handles in May of 2021 and as we head into Q4, at the time of this writing, the greenback is trading above the 113 level for the first time since 2002.

I’m keeping the technical forecast on the US Dollar to bullish as there’s no end in sight yet for this trend. I do hope that it finds resistance in Q4, at some point, as this level of instability is unlikely to bear much long-term positivity for western…

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