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Suspect accused of burning Mason’s Creamery’s ‘Issue One’ sign

CLEVELAND (WJW) – Ohio voters will decide on Issue One in six days, but in at least one Cleveland neighborhood, the debate is not happening at the ballot box.

It’s happening through vandalism, including arson.

Mason’s Creamery is a popular spot, especially on a hot August day in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood at West 44th Street and Bridge Avenue. 

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Co-owner Jesse Mason, when he pulled up to the shop last Wednesday morning, noticed something was wrong.

“We had a vote “no” for Issue One sign that was prominently displayed here at our intersection and it was gone and you could see the faint outline of the wire that housed the sign and apparently somebody had burned it,” said Mason.

Mason immediately viewed the footage from one of his surveillance cameras and saw that someone had indeed set fire to the sign.

“Just got out of…

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