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The World Economic Forum does not have its own paramilitary force

An Instagram post which claims the World Economic Forum (WEF) has its own paramilitary force armed with military-grade weapons is not correct. 

The post features a photograph of a man in uniform with two patches on his upper left sleeve. The lower patch depicts two ibex, along with the wording “World Economic Forum Police” and “2022”. 

The caption accompanying the post states: “The World Economic Forum has it’s [sic] own paramilitary force complete with @wef BADGES and armed with military-grade weapons. They are harassing and detaining journalists at-will [sic]. By what authority do they operate? Who do [sic] commands them? Do Swiss authorities have any say?”

How is the WEF meeting in Davos policed?

The most recent annual meeting of the WEF—an international, non-governmental lobbying organisation that says it is “committed to improving the state of the world”—took place in Davos, Switzerland,…

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