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TikTok films horrors of Dollar Tree in Texas with one employee

A viral TikTok recently revealed the horrors of what it looks like at a Dollar Tree in Austin that has one employee on staff. User Felipe_bazan posted a video that showed one manager named Maggie scrambling to run the location by herself.

The video, posted on April 30, highlighted walls of boxes all over the Montopolis Dollar store, shelves unstocked, and how people who don’t even work at the Dollar Tree are helping Maggie. The employee told the TikToker that the store was closed three days prior because she stopped working due to working long hours alone and not receiving a break.

In a recent video on Wednesday, May 5, Felipe_bazan updated his page to say the Dollar Tree has been closed since his video went viral. It has received more than 3.8 million views and 587,000 likes. He captioned it, “This is wrong guys.”

“Walls of…

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