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Ukraine war breaks U.S. global geopolitical dominance: Italian expert

TEHRAN – The director of the online newspaper L’antidiplomatico says that the Ukraine war will change the geopolitical order of the world.

“What happens in Ukraine breaks the global geopolitical and financial dominance of the United States and the Western bloc,” Fabrizio Verde tells the Tehran Times.

“Russia has openly challenged U.S. unipolar hegemony, which has long been crushing under its iron heel even what was once the great European civilization,” Verde adds.

 The Italian expert is of the opinion that the sanctions imposed on Russia by the Western bloc would cause a general weakening of these countries and even NATO. 

“So with a weaker NATO, a broader partnership between Germany, France and Russia could be achieved. The excessive use of sanctions and especially their use against Russia since 2014 have led to a self-sufficient Russian economy that is 80 percent self-sufficient in consumer goods and…

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