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West’s economic warfare against Russia is hurting the world

The world was emerging out of the Covid pandemic-induced economic shock. Now the shock of the Ukraine war is pushing the US and global economy into a stark recession.

The United States has weaponised economic sanctions in a very major way in the post-cold war period. Heavy handed economic sanctions have been applied against several countries to include Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lybia, North Korea and now Russia. Economic sanctions were imposed on Russia in 2014 itself post its takeover of Crimea. In the build-up to the current war in Ukraine, the primary dissuasion and deterrence strategy of the US and the West was the threat of imposition of very serious economic sanctions. Hence their primary means to dissuade or deter Russia was via stringent economic sanctions and supply of defensive weapons to Ukraine. Sanctions usually take the form of:
* Trade sanctions.
* Energy sanctions.
* Financial sanctions.
* Sanctions on…

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