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Women in Business 2022: Staying true to passions drives success

Regardless of whether they’re talking about banking, accounting, marketing or owning a brewing company, staying passionate about what they do remains a constant. It’s what keeps them going. And it’s what they advise others to follow.

Each one of them has stayed true to their dreams, and that has led them to all kinds of professional and personal successes. As you read the following 10 profiles, we hope that their stories help ignite a passion within you.

Banking on Her Passion 

Gerri Moll may have worked for Bank of America for 38 years—and been in her current role there as the bank’s president for Southwest Florida for 25 years—but every day still seems fresh for her. 

“Well, it’s felt like more than one career because I worked in multiple jobs and multiple lines of business. It’s a great place to grow your career,” Moll says. Raised by her grandparents in Lakeland from the age of 10, she…

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