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Business trying to stay afloat after multiple break-ins

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – BoomBozz in East Nashville was one of several businesses robbed by a burglary crew over the last few months.

Now that police have arrested some involved in the burglary, the manager of the pizza business told News4 he’d like to see them prosecuted.

“Seven robberies in a year. The closest timeframe was two in 10 days,” James Figueredo, BoomBozz general manager, said.

The last two robberies happened April 29 and May 10, according to Metro Police.

Figueredo said in the last two burglaries, the suspects entered through the back door.

“Rear entry into the building, broke into the back door. Came in and tried to get stuff from the registers, destroyed the cash registers, Figueredo said. “They destroyed some more stuff. Both times they got away with nothing but some alcohol.”

The general manager said the biggest robbery incident was last year on Christmas Eve that drew a large police presence.

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