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How lenders can improve business models in 2022

As 2022 proves to be a challenging year for the housing market, lenders are looking to take advantage of potential downtime by improving their internal processes. HousingWire recently spoke with James Deitch, CEO of Teraverde, about the changes lenders can make to their business models in order to remain profitable.

HousingWire: Between interest rate hikes, tight housing supply and geopolitical uncertainty, many industry professionals are feeling the pressure of a volatile housing market. Why is now a good time for lenders to focus on improving aspects of their business, such as customer experience and cost structure?

Jim Deitch: Lenders face constant competition for time and resources. The past two years were all about getting loans closed, shipped and funded. There was little time for customer experience or cost focus. Margins were wide and compensated for about every issue. And justifiably so.

Suddenly the brakes…

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