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I will pave the way to economic growth with an emergency budget

We have a choice about the sort of economy – and therefore country – we want to be. I won’t accept a torpid economic consensus that wraps Britain in onerous regulation and nanny statism and smothers the private sector. Britain has always been at its best as a free-trading, free-market, enterprise-loving and wealth-creating nation.

Despite the Bank of England’s stark assessment this week, I do not believe in resigning our great country to managed decline or accepting the inevitability of a recession. The challenges we face are the consequence of the long tail of Covid, Putin’s appalling war and persisting with a tired economic orthodoxy.

We cannot turn things around with abacus economics, placing undue focus on tax and spend rather than growth.

That is why I will introduce a bold new plan to get growth going, deliver the supply-side reforms we need and put our economy on higher-growth footing.

I would hit the ground running by…

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