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It’s Business As Usual at the National Restaurant Association Show

The National Restaurant Association’s annual trade show took over McCormick Place last weekend, where both the vendors and attendees — mostly unmasked — did their best to pretend that the entire restaurant industry was back to normal, or at least what constituted normal in 2019. Vendors showed off dishes, cookware, grills, stoves, chef jackets, patio heaters, name tags, mixers large enough to hold a small adult, plant-based meats, non-alcoholic canned cocktails, environmentally friendly takeout containers, newfangled POS systems (some connected to bitcoin), urinal screens — everything a modern restaurant could possibly need, and quite a few things it could probably do without.

Anything a restaurant could possibly need was for sale.

In the keynote address on Saturday afternoon, Alexis Ohanian, founder of Reddit…

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