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Lawnmowing business’s generosity leads to big surprise for Wichita veteran

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – The owner of a Wichita lawnmowing business set his sights on a yard in need of some cleaning. The work he does is free, and he records himself doing it, drawing millions on social media.

12 News explored how the local business owner’s project of goodwill became more than he imagined.

It was a chance meeting by Spencer B. with SB Mowing, who went up to Mark Edens’s door, offering help to spruce up his yard.

The work coming at no cost.

“My wife and I were driving around this area, and we came across this lawn, and it was pretty tall over, and the edges were just really overgrown. I knocked on his door and offered to do it for free for him, and immediately he thought I was knocking on his door to get a job for him to pay me for it. He said he didn’t have a penny to his name,” Spencer recalled.

Edens said Spencer “has been a Godsend to [him].”

Last year, Spencer started volunteering his time and talent for…

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