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Live news updates: Dutch Central Bank fines crypto exchange Binance over registration rule breach

July has become a month for unexpected plebiscites. First there is the mind-boggling: the UK’s ruling Conservative party allowing a vote of confidence in itself on Monday. This “sideshow” as the FT’s parliamentary team labelled it last week, certain to be won by the ruling party, is best seen as an effort to instil unity among Tory MPs after the tumultuous implosion of Boris Johnson’s premiership.

Which brings us on to “Super Monday”, a clutch of hustings and another vote to further whittle down the pack of Tory MP hopefuls seeking to be the new leader — and hence prime minister — after this weekend’s television debates. You can keep track of events via this FT page.

Once they get to the final pair, expected on Wednesday before the summer parliamentary recess, the party’s national membership will get the final vote, enabling a new leader to be in place by September 5. Prepare for a summer of glad handing and…

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