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Local bounty | Long Island Business News

An effort is underway in Riverhead to build a sustainable, equitable food system that stands to benefit the entire region.

Led by East End Food Institute, a Southampton-based nonprofit that fosters partnerships with farmers, food producers and consumers, the initiative is gaining momentum. In developing a Riverhead-based East End Food Hub, the food institute is working on a $1.5 million project that is designed  to diversify revenue streams for farmers while ensuring there is healthy, farm-fresh food for people in need.

The Food Hub would allow farmers to develop what the U.S. Department of Agriculture “called a mid-tier value chain, leveraging economies of scale to sell more units of things at a lower price to diversity revenue coming in,” said Kate Fullam, East End Food Institute executive director.

“It’s good to have a diversification of revenue stream,” Fullam said. “On the East End of Long Island, it’s hard to…

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