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McMahon grilled on politics, says voters concerned with crime, economy

Facing a barrage of questions about former President Donald Trump and national political issues like abortion immigration and the 2020 election, Republican candidate for AG Jay McMahon said his focus, and what he hears people say they are interested in, are crime and the economy.

“I am a Republican, and when I talk to the people, the issues that they are concerned with is crime in the streets, fentanyl that’s falling into our neighborhoods, the opioid epidemic, and just plain public safety and gang-related violence in their neighborhoods,” McMahon said Sunday when asked if he was a “Trump” Republican.

The Cape Cod attorney and AG candidate made an appearance on WCVB’s “On the Record,” where the hosts wasted no time challenging the attorney on his platform vis-a-vis that of both his party and its presumptive leader, former President Trump.

McMahon began by saying the law enforcement issues he listed are what concern…

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