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NRA 2022 – The trends driving the restaurant industry’s recovery

CHICAGO – Foodservice food and beverage suppliers showcased the latest innovations at the National Restaurant Show held in Chicago May 21-24. Scattered among long-established Windy City brands, such as Vienna Beef, Eli’s Cheesecake and Grecian Delight, were restaurant operators from around the world sampling products that speak to consumer trends and at the same time ease the struggles the industry is facing in terms of labor and economics.

“There’s amazing food all over the world and we have barely scratched the surface,” said Zia Ahmed, senior director-dining services, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, during a session on food trends. 

In terms of menu innovation, Dave Henkes, senior principal, and Lizzy Freier, menu research and insights, both with Chicago-based Technomic, discussed how to “drive business and delight guests” using their five “Ps.” The first “p” is to pivot. This involves rethinking…

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