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Opinion: 11 predictions for money, technology, stocks and crypto for 2023

Here are some 2023 predictions for financial markets, the economy and stocks.

I’ve spent the last year and a half being cautious in the wake of the Bubble-Blowing Bull Market that finally ended early in 2022. Following this year of turmoil, the timing may just be right for us to see the economy morph into something healthy for while.

That would be unexpected in a world where so many CEOs and analysts are predicting hard times ahead.

Keep in mind that the markets and the economy are not the same. And now, onto some the predictions and commentary.

1. ChatGPT and its AI ilk will spark another leap forward for for worker productivity.

During 2023 we will see the initial blossoming of improved capability and efficiency as people in many walks of life embrace artificial intelligence. This will lead to a gain in productivity over the next three to five years that will rival what spreadsheets,…

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