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Peter Roff: America shouldn’t hand economic leadership to China

Globalization has its benefits but, after COVID, it might be time to consider just how much of America’s economic activity we want to continue to share with other countries.

Is it too much to ask to have safeguards put in place so that American firms employing American workers reap the benefits of cutting-edge technologies developed in America using American taxpayer dollars?

Is that protectionist? Some free-market purists probably will say it is. For the rest of us, the idea the government spends our money to develop technologies that could change the world for the better and then lets other countries like China commercialize them makes us wonder whether the folks in Washington are working for us or against us.

Examples of this mule-headed thinking are everywhere. Take the effort to make America go green. The research dollars put into it, billions of your tax dollars at last count, have generated interesting results. One of…

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