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Sikorsky Airport sale another state-supported, economic kamikaze move

Regarding the pending sale of Bridgeport’s Sikorsky Airport: This latest criminally stupid divestment of an extremely valuable Bridgeport asset by the Ganim administration is testimony to the administration’s chronic short-sightedness, incompetence and reptilian sensibilities and morals/ethics — exhibited over two such administrations over a period of 30 years. Certainly, a square mile of land on Long Island Sound, in Fairfield County, is worth several times more than $10 million — for any commercial use, including as an airport.

To be able to divest the citizens of the city of Bridgeport of such an asset, sans referendum, is indicative of extreme structural deficiency in Bridgeport government requiring a major study and charter revision initiative. (And where is the state Department of Economic Community Development and the governor’s office in this situation? Shouldn’t they be trying to keep Bridgeport’s economic…

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