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WWE legend Teddy Long on being taken to Wrestler’s Court

WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long has narrated a hilarious anecdote where he was taken to Wrestler’s Court to sell viagra backstage in the company.

Wrestler’s Court was a mock court held backstage by the WWE roster, where various offenses by Superstars were dealt with. The Undertaker, for a long time, headed the Wrestler’s Court.

In an interview with WrestlingInc the Hall of Famer revealed how Mae Young was assigned as his lawyer during Wrestler’s Court and how he was found guilty. Long then had to buy JBL and The Undertaker beer and chicken after being found guilty.

“They took me to Wrestler’s Court for selling viagra, so I had to get a lawyer. So the lawyer I got was Mae Young. I tell Mae Young the whole story. We went into wrestler’s court and the first thing she said everybody popped. She said, ‘Well, I want you guys to know Teddy Long is not guilty of selling that Niagra.’ She couldn’t say it right, so she called…

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