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Bonnie’s Country Store is open for business | News

FORESTPORT, NY – It was a big day for residents of Forestport Saturday.

For some the wait was almost unbearable, but now all the shelves have been stocked, the floors cleaned, and the ribbon cut.

Welcome to Bonnie’s Country Store.

Located on Woodhull Road, Customers lined up early, eager to check things out. “Oh wow”, seemed to be the general consensus.

Co-owners Amy Nelson and Aaron LaBella say they’d been getting calls for the past few weeks asking when the store would open. They can’t believe the day has finally arrived.

“First thing this morning we actually had gifts on the front doorstep,” said Nelson. “Cards and flowers were being dropped off from local businesses, congratulating us, and thanking us for bringing this back. As a kid I used to ride my bike here and get penny candy. We…

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