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Torture in slow motion: The economic blockade of Yemen and its grave humanitarian consequences – Yemen


Yemen: Naval blockade can amount to torture, a new report argues

The naval blockade imposed on Yemen by a Saudi-led coalition has substantially contributed to pushing Yemeni civilians into starvation and can be considered torture, the World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT) said in a report published today.

“The tens of thousands of civilians who die due to malnutrition, waterborne diseases, and the lack of access to healthcare are no collateral damage of the conflict”, said Hélène Legeay, legal director at OMCT’s Middle East and North Africa office. “They are the direct victims of a combination of war crimes committed by the various sides, in which the naval blockade imposed by the Saudi-led Coalition plays a major role. The blockade threatens to plunge the country into famine and violates international norms, including the United Nations Convention against Torture.”

Since March 2015,…

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