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Williston Economic Development to provide matching grants for growing childcare providers

WILLISTON, N.D. (KUMV) – It has already been a big year for childcare development in Williston, and now Williston Economic Development has announced more opportunities for existing operators.

This month, the Williston City Commission approved the use of STAR Fund grants to be used for licensed providers who are interested in expanding. Eligible businesses can receive a maximum of $17,050 for adding to their capacity. Executive Director Shawn Wenko says improving services will bring in more families and workers to the city.

“We look at it as a comprehensive approach to childcare development that’s really fair to everyone out there,” said Wenko.

Grant funding through the program is also available for providers looking to purchase a new building or facility.

The Williston STAR Fund program is funded by a portion of city’s one cent sales tax. Three quarters of the sales tax goes to infrastructure debt relief while one quarter…

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